Sankalp is our employee lead social contribution program carried out under the aegis of Sagarsoft India Ltd. Sankalp believes in giving back to the society with a holistic approach through volunteering and sponsorship.






To actively contribute to the social, economic and environmental development through reaching out to the community at large.


Sankalp has taken up several initiatives with the aim to bring about qualitative improvement in the lives of the community

Donation to a kidney transplanted patient

Sankalp has provided post-surgery medication to Siva Krishna on 01 July 2018 @ Guntur. We are committed to donate medication for another month.

Donation to Thalassemia patients

Sankalp is committed to providing medicines to Thalassemia patients for 6 months

Nutrition support for HIV/AIDS patients:

Sankalp through it’s grocery distribution program empowered HIV/AIDS patients at Ammanabrolu village located near Ongole of Prakasam District to manage their health through a nutritious diet.
We are committed to providing grocery for a period of 7 months to 28 patients.

Distribution of Clothes

With the eager and generous support of all the employees, Sankalp has been able to distribute used clothes among the needy.

Cloth donation campaign was conducted by our volunteers to the people at “Karmika Nagar” located near Borabanda, NIMS and L V Prasad bus stop.

Support to Gokul Bomb Blast victims

The blast that rocked Hyderabad to the core at its famous chat point is unforgettable. We as an organization have decided to be a part to provide support to the people who have been a victim to this act.

“Best from Waste” was an event organized within the company which helped promote different uses to convert your waste into productive uses. The products made by the employees were auctioned off and the amount was contributed to the needy on behalf of Sankalp.

Mr G Sadashiva Reddy (M Tech), a victim has been paralyzed on the left side of his brain. Amount of 50,000 INR has been provided to Mr Sadashiva reddy from Sankalp after learning the critical condition of the victim.

Contributions to Nepal Earthquake

Nepal had its roots shaken when it was hit by an earthquake of 7.4 in magnitude. It has affected around 8 million people.

As a part of Sankalp, donations were collected from the employees of the organization along with the contribution of the management and was provided to Mr Bhim Thapa who was one of the victims of the earthquake.

An amount of 1, 12, 472 INR was collected and handed over to Mr Thapa to help him and his family.

Donations to Alpha School

A donation on behalf of Sankalp is being made to Alpha School in the form of Stationery and Water on a monthly basis.

Hudhud Relief Funds

Employees have actively contributed towards the relief of the victims of natural disaster, Hudhud which left many people bereft.

The organization along with its employees have contributed a sum of 2,50,000 INR to the CM relief fund.

Along with the financial help, employees have also donated clothes to the necessary.

Upcoming events



Donation to an Orphanage home

We have planned to donate groceries, adult diapers and first aid kits along with blood glucose monitor for ‘Ashraya Foundation’


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